words // Zac Dubasik

While Giuseppe Zanotti's heels have been extremely coveted by women for years, his recent foray into men's shoes - following the rise in popularity of high-fashion sneakers - have largely been adopted only by those with more money than taste. 

Meanwhile, Kid Cudi's profile has been on a steady decline, ever since threatening retirement prior to the release of his first album, with his most notable moments coming via a Vitamin Water Commercial, and acting cameos on HBO's short-lived How To Make It In America. 

What I'm getting at is that this isn't exactly the most prestegious collaboration of all time, and the results are probably what you should have expected. But that doens't mean they aren't fun to look at. 

The result is a shoe that doesn't rip-off any one sneaker specifically, yet doesn't come off as remotely original, by incorporating popular elements from shoes by Rick Owens, MMM, Kanye's Jaspers, with some Ato and Air Yeezy thrown in for good measure.

Let us know what you think. Any fans of either Kid Cudi or Giuseppe interested in picking up a pair? 

via Hypebeast