words // Brandon Richard

Today, Fat Joe turns 44, and we're celebrating by reliving his most iconic sneaker moment.

In 2004, the rapper famously appeared on MTV Cribs, a television show that offered viewers a look inside the houses of celebrities. On his episode, Joe made sure to take the cameras to his sneaker room, even proclaiming himself the sneaker king. When running through his collection, Joe picked up deadstock original 'Olympic' Air Jordan VIIs from 1992. This pair was incredibly rare at the time, and as Joe noted, fetched thousands of dollars "on the eBay."

Of course, Joe didn't just show us the shoes. In a move nobody saw coming, he licked the soles to emphasize that they were, in fact, unworn. A true mark of Joe's influence, sneakerheads adopted the 'sneaker lick,' and continue to use it to stunt today.

Check out the video above, as well as Joe discussing kids today licking soles on a recent episode of Quickstrike.