How did entrepreneurial endeavors get funded before Kickstarter? The online platform has been great for creative projects like this, but there’s also been some very bad misses. For example, would you honestly need a device to keep you from mistakenly separating your left and right sneakers, or invest in a brand called StreetGodz? Didn’t think so. Here’s a look at 8 poorly thought out sneaker-related Kickstarters.


The pitch
: “Swixx is an easy solution to stop your tongue from slipping to the left and right. Wear your shoes the way they were meant to be worn!”
Earned: $2,198 of $5,500 goal


Tenny Lockz 
The pitch
: “Tenny LockZ are a small 3 inch piece of webbing with a hook and a buckle. The hook clips to the shoe in any place that will not hang under the shoe. When wearing your shoes the Tenny LockZ stay on. The snaps keep them up and out of the way.”
Earned: $135 of $4,000 goal


The pitch
: “StreetGodz has taken a body enhancing technology that increases energy,blood flow, reduces swelling and placed it in an affordable shoe.”
Earned: $310 of $500,000 goal


Global Runner
The pitch
: “Global Runner is a unique athletic shoe that encompasses a country's  flag into the design of the shoe. The eye catching design's are visible from heel to toe, tongue to sole. Global Runner represents the PEOPLE of the world, their colors, and their pride.”
Earned: $40 of $55,000 goal


The pitch
: “A true interchangeable shoe that you would never know is interchangeable by looking at them. The parts come together with a zipper system that is carefully hidden inside the shoe. Even though the zippers are inside, Guppi shoes are very comfortable to wear, even barefoot!”
Earned: $1,299 of $30,000


Kik Clip
The pitch
: “As a  father of three young children I was always dealing with my kids trying to get their shoes on to go to school, practices, and everything else.  I must have smashed my index finger countless time trying to get my kids shoes on.   I knew that I was not not the only parent that had these issues.  It was also to much for me to expect my young kids to use a shoe horn on a daily basis.  My kids also never untied there shoes to get the shoes on. My older son had ruined many pairs of shoes by his constant mashing of his feet into his shoes.”
Earned: $2,226 of $10,000 goal


The Messiah
The pitch
: “Jacob Taylor here! We are excited to offer you an opportunity to help us Launch the 2012 MESSIAH® shoe. This shoe embodies the spirit of a New and Hip Generation of FAITH-conscious consumers.”
Earned: $1,001 of $150,000 goal


Waz Shoes
The pitch: “WAZ is a whole new concept of sneakers, fresh, cool and casual. WAZ is the desire to create, innovate and especially never do as the others. Customize your pair according to your clothes, the weather, an event or simply your envy thanks to the Plakz and the Wazkerz!”
Earned: $159 of $25,000 goal