In honor of Kobe Bryant's 35th birthday, which just happens to be today, we've been featuring #24 all week. Today, we're finishing off the week by taking a look at 10 Kobe collectors you should be following on Instagram, if you're a fan of the Mamba. Check out the following list, where you'll not only see great photos, samples and PEs, but even game shots. 


 @ ervlakernation

What You'll See: A collector who's sock game is as solid as his Kobe collection.


 @ venomous_soles 

What You'll See: If you don’t want to waste your time looking at anything other than Kobes you’ll appreciate 99% of the posts found here.


Name: @ iamakobehead

What You'll See: Great game shots, as well as pleanty of Kobe sneakers, both old and new.


 @ xinjie_24 

What You'll See: This collector's love of Kobe runs so deep that he's even hunted down some items from Kobe's former teammade, Shannon Brown.


Name: @ soleman412 

What You'll See: Cool photos of primarily newer Kobes.


 @ msw1233 

What You'll See: A wide variety, covering his entire run with Nike. 


Name: @ rubix_24  

What You'll See: Kobes, along with pleanty of signature shoes from the man Kobe attempts to to copy at every possible opportunity, MJ.


 @ spoiledfeet 

What You'll See: Detailed photos and multiple angles of a wide variety of Kobes.


Name: @ s_universal 

What You'll See: Candid shots of Kobe being Kobe, along with shots of s_universal posing with celebs.


Name: @realpromotagged

What You'll See: Samples and PEs