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If you can't have your own signature shoe, Player Exclusives are the next best thing. Since 1994, Michael Jordan's friends and members of the Jordan Brand roster have taken the court in special colorways of sneakers from the iconic Air Jordan line. In that time, the unreleased shoes have also become highly collectible pieces that make a sneakerhead's collection unique.

After taking a look at the best non-OG colorways of Air Jordan retros last month, we're now running down the best PE colorways of Air Jordans I through XX8. Some models had more options to choose from than others, but ultimately, we think we came up with a list of really solid looks.

Scroll through our favorite PE colorways of each Air Jordan model below and share some of your favorite unlisted styles with us in the comment section.


Justin Timberlake's Air Jordan I 1 Legends of the Summer PE

(image via ViceNYC)

Air Jordan I -- Justin Timberlake 'Legends of the Summer'

There really aren't many Air Jordan 1 PEs to choose from, so we start off with Justin Timberlake's 'Legends of the Summer' colorway. Justin isn't exactly a player, but these kicks were rather exclusive, reportedly limited to 14 pairs. Reportedly.


Carmelo Anthony's Air Jordan II 2 Denver Nuggets Home PE

(image via OSneaker)

Air Jordan II -- Carmelo Anthony 'Nuggets' Home

The 'Melo' 2 was so good that the Jordan Brand released a non-PE version and it became the most collectible colorway of the model.


Kobe Bryant's Air Jordan III 3 Lakers PE

(image via DependableJay)

Air Jordan III -- Kobe Bryant 'Lakers' Home

Following his split from adidas, Kobe Bryant auditioned virtually every other brand for his services during the 2002-2003 season. Among them, the Jordan Brand, who somehow missed out on signing him after delivering this crazy Lakers-themed Air Jordan 3.


Air Jordan IV 4 Eminem PE

Air Jordan IV -- Eminem

Again, not a traditional PE by any means, but definitely the best colorway of the shoe that was created for somebody in particular. A pair recently hit eBay and sold for $14,500 in a mere 20 seconds.


Chris Paul's Air Jordan V 5 Hornets Away

Air Jordan V -- Chris Paul 'Hornets' Away

Before Chris Paul became a Laker and then a Clipper, he was the franchise point guard for the New Orleans / Oklahoma City Hornets. Following his Rookie of the Year campaign, Paul signed with the Jordan Brand and promptly received these teal-soled Air Jordan 5 PEs. Easy to see why he's still a member of Team Jordan today.


Carl Crawford's Air Jordan VI 6 Dodgers PE

(image via GeminiKeez)

Air Jordan VI -- Carl Crawford ''Dodgers'

These turf shoes just popped up last month, but they feature the most striking colorway that's ever been used on a 6 PE. Juan Uribe probably thought the same thing when he made sure to borrow them from Crawford.


Ray Allen's Air Jordan VII 7 Milwaukee Bucks Away PE

Air Jordan VII -- Ray Allen 'Bucks' Away

This shoe looks like something the Jordan Brand would drop as part of next year's 'Remastered' retro series.


Kobe Bryant's Air Jordan VIII 8 Lakers Home PE

(image via DependableJay)

Air Jordan VIII -- Kobe Bryant 'Lakers' Home

Another gem from Kobe's sneaker free agency season. You have to believe some of these will eventually be released. Maybe that's why MJ and Kobe met up for dinner over the weekend!


Darius Miles' Air Jordan IX 9 Cavs Home PE

(image via Phase2)

Air Jordan IX -- Darius Miles 'Cavs' Home

The appeal of PEs used to be that they weren't like anything you could buy in stores. Even today, D-Miles' 'Cavs' IX stands our from the rest.


Mitch Richmond's Air Jordan X 10 Sacramento Kings Home PE

Air Jordan X -- Mitch Richmond 'Kings' Home

A retro of the complete 'City Series' is long overdue, and we wouldn't be disappointed if  they threw in Mitch Richmond's home 'Kings' colorway.


Randy Moss' Air Jordan XI 11 Minnesota Vikings Home PE

(image via Carter1203)

Air Jordan XI -- Randy Moss 'Vikings' Home

It's a bit ironic that the best Air Jordan 11 PEs have been made for NFL players. Randy Moss' 'Vikings' colorway has the potential to be a special release. Nick Young rocked a custom low-top version of the White/Purple colorway this past season and people went nuts for 'em. We hope you took notice, Jordan Brand.


Gary Payton's Air Jordan XII 12 Lakers Away PE

Air Jordan XII -- Gary Payton 'Lakers' Away

Speaking of shoes that need to be part of Jordan's remastered retro lineup. These make the massive failure of the 03-04 super team worth it.


Quentin Richardson's Air Jordan XIII 13 Orlando Magic Away PE

(image via the.warehouse)

Air Jordan XIII -- Quentin Richardson 'Magic' Away

Here's the deal. Produce hundreds of thousands of pairs, put them in stores and we'll buy them. It's that simple.


Ray Allen's Air Jordan XIV 14 Bucks Away PE

(image via Pic-Sole)

Air Jordan XIV -- Ray Allen 'Bucks' Away

'Indiglo' XIVs with purple accents in place of green. Not much else needs to be said.


Ray Allen's Air Jordan XV 15 Milwaukee Bucks Home PE

(image via OSneaker)

Air Jordan XV -- Ray Allen 'Bucks' Home

Jordan Brand really didn't do too much with the XV, but if you're one of those rare fans of the model, you'd probably agree that this White/Purple make-up was a head turner.


Mike Bibby's Air Jordan XVI 16 Vancouver Grizzlies Home PE

Air Jordan XVI -- Mike Bibby 'Grizzlies' Home

It's easy to forget that Mike Bibby started his career as a member of the Vancouver Grizzlies. We also tend to overlook the PEs he wore during his three seasons up north. However, this XVI for home games was outstanding. The black patent toe cap and teal midsole detail really gave it a distinct look. You really get an appreciation for the design when you see it shroudless.


Marcus Jordan's Air Jordan XVII 17 PE

(image via Carter1203)

Air Jordan XVII -- Marcus Jordan

Being the son of the CEO definitely has its perks. Throughout his years playing high school and amateur ball, Michael Jordan's son Marcus received a few awesome PEs, including this green accented version of the XVII+.


Mike Bibby's Air Jordan 18.5 Kings Home PE

Air Jordan XVIII -- Mike Bibby 'Kings' Home

It's the 18.5 version, but close enough to the original so that it doesn't make a difference. Remember Ray Allen's ridiculous 'Christmas' PE from a couple years back? Exactly why we went with this understated, clean white and purple Bibby pair.


Jalen Rose's Air Jordan XIX 19 SE PE

Air Jordan XIX SE -- Jalen Rose 'Raptors' Home

A Fab 5 Jordan PE? Sign me up. This pair was just different enough from the 'West Coast / Lakers' colorway to make it appealing.


Ray Allen's Air Jordan XX 20 Seattle Supersonics Away PE

Air Jordan XX -- Ray Allen 'Sonics' Away

In my opinion, the 'Stealth' XX is the best post-retirement Air Jordan. Take that shoe, add some Sonics-inspired green accents and you have this beautiful exclusive made for Ray.


Ray Allen's Air Jordan XX1 21 Sonics Home Yellow PE

Air Jordan XX1 -- Ray Allen 'Sonics' Home Alternate

'Red Suede' is generally thought of as the best Air Jordan XX1 colorway. This Ray PE sports a yellow suede upper, with white trim and green accents. Nearly impossible to find somebody who owns a pair.


Chris Paul's Air Jordan XX2 Hornets Away PE

Air Jordan XX2 -- Chris Paul 'Hornets' Away

Not exactly one of the most appealing Jordan models, the XX2 in Chris Paul's away 'Hornets' colorway at least updates the shoe with fresh colors.


Ray Allen's Air Jordan XX3 23 Celtics Home PE

Air Jordan XX3 -- Ray Allen 'Celtics' Home

It was fitting that an original member of Team Jordan stuck around for the 23rd Anniversary of the game shoe. The XX3 was a hate it or love it kind of model, and those who love it probably wouldn't mind getting their hands on Ray's pair.


Ray Allen's Air Jordan 2009 Celtics Away PE

Air Jordan 2009 -- Ray Allen 'Celtics' Away

This may end up being the most overlooked shoe in the Air Jordan line. For good reason. If we had to choose, it'd probably be Ray's Celtics-themed PE for road games.


Dwyane Wade's Air Jordan 2010 Red Suede

Air Jordan 2010 -- Dwyane Wade 'Red Suede'

Lead for the Air Jordan 2010, Dwyane Wade received quite a few exclusive colorways. The best of the bunch was this 'Red Suede' pair, which felt more like Wade's hometown of Chicago than it did Miami.


Air Jordan 2011 Georgetown Hoyas PE

Air Jordan 2011 -- Georgetown

The underrated Air Jordan 2011 was designed with high quality craftsmanship in mind. Georgetown's navy exclusive really drives that concept home.


Ray Allen's Air Jordan 2012 Celtics Home PE

Air Jordan 2012 -- Ray Allen 'Celtics' Home

Worn by Ray during his final stand as a member of the Celtics' 'Big Three,' this PE brought a clean white and green palette to the brogue-inspired sneaker.


Russell Westbrook wearing Air Jordan XX8 28 Thunder Playoff PE

Air Jordan XX8 -- Russell Westbrook 'Thunder' Playoff

As the model's lead, Russell Westbrook has had a plethora of exclusive XX8 PEs, none better than last season's playoff colorway.