words // Zac Dubasik

If there's one thing that sneaker collectors love to complain about, it's resellers.

And rightfully so. They've taken a lot of the fun out of sneakers. Rather than just being able to buy and wear a shoe we loved as kids, or have discovered for the first time once they've retroed, we have to fight to get them in the first place, or pay an outrageous markup after we miss out.

But while it may seem unreasonable to pay double the retail price for a retro the week after it came out, that's nothing compared to some of the other shoes out there.

Today, we're taking a look at the extreme end of the resale market -- the most expensive Air Jordans available right now. As always with eBay, if you choose to buy anything off this list, do so at your own risk. This isn't an endorsement of any of the following sellers or sneakers. The good news is that with shoes starting at $8K, on the cheap end, you might not end up picking any up anyway.


10. Air Jordan 10 Retro OVO - $8,000

The biggest problem for potential buyers of OVO Air Jordans will be deciding whether to display them with their sneaker collections, or their Drake collections.


9. Air Jordan 4 Retro UNC - $8,000 

Considering the fact that for 99.9999% of the population, it would be easier to save up $8,000 than to make the UNC hoops team, this isn't a bad deal after all.


8. Original Air Jordan 14 Ray Allen Bucks PE Set

These Ray Allen PEs are technically only $5,000 apiece, which makes them the most affordable shoes on the list. But since they're only sold as a package deal, you're going to have to plunk down $10K if you want either.


7. Jordan Jumpman Team Elite Autographed – $9,999

The phrase "game used" may have some liberal use here, as you'll have a hard time finding anyone that can remember MJ playing in these. Maybe it was at practice? Or a camp? Or, maybe they were game used by someone else? EIther way, at least the autograph has authentication.


6. Original Air Jordan 1 – $10,000

If you don't need the autograph, these original Air Jordan 1s seem like a steal compared to the pair you'll see later on in this list.


5. Original Air Jordan 8 Game Worn and Autographed – $10,000

With no attempt to prove the legitimacy of their "game worn" claim, and no Upper Deck autograph authentication, these original 8s may be a tough sell for the price of a decent used car.


4. Original Air Jordan 2 – $12,000

Air Jordan 2s were originally made in italy, and based on the looks of these, even an unworn original pair would crumble immediately if you tried to wear them. Original Air Jordan 1s, on the other hand, were made in Asia, and are still wearable today. 


3. Air Jordan 11 Retro Ray Allen ‘2 Rings’ - $13,000

There are fakes of Ray Allen's second championship-honoring 11 out there now, so be extra careful trying to find a deal on these. Unfortunately, you may be stuck paying five-figures if you want the real thing. 


2. Original Air Jordan 1 Autographed - $15,000

The price may be steep, but for many collectors, this could be considered the holy grail of sneakers. Not only is it a prestine pair of original Air Jordan 1s, they're autographed and Upper Deck authenticated.


1. Air Jordan 12 Retro ‘OVO’- $19,000 OBO

The seller of these OVO 12s has them listed for $19,000 -- or best offer. What percentage of the 137 offers they've already rejected do you think were low balls?