Before we get started, the title of this post is somewhat misleading.

Mark Wahlberg is a wealthy man. $52 million dollars in 2013 wealthy. So, he doesn't really need any handouts — but he doesn't mind them either.

TMZ caught up with Wahlberg yesterday outside of Beverly Hills' E baldi restaurant, where he had just dined with his good buddy Michael Jordan. When asked who picked up the tab between he and MJ, Wahlberg was quick to take responsibility, adding that he has to reciprocate the love after all the free sneakers Jordan Brand has sent him over the years. As he answers, the camera pans down to his feet, appropriately laced up in the 'Concord' Air Jordan 11 Low.

Wahlberg is one of our favorite Celebrity Sole Watch sneakerheads. He's recently been spotted in kicks like the 'BHM' Spizikes and 'Oregon' Air Jordan 5. Now we know the story behind how he acquires his heat, and it couldn't be much better.