Kanye West's adidas ZX 850 Bone? (1)

words // Brandon Richard

Despite industry insiders' attempts at debunking the claim, Ibn Jasper still insists that Kanye West designed the adidas Originals ZX 850.

In a new Instagram post, Jasper posted the shoe in a 'Bone' colorway, adding the caption, "Just found the Bone color joints in Dublin #TheFirstShoeKanyeDesigned."

Jasper originally stated that West worked on the ZX 850 in 2006, mainly adding an Air Max 90-inspired mudguard to the upper. Sneakersnstuff co-owner Peter Jansson responded by saying the 850 couldn't have been designed by West, because it's based on the ZX 800 and ZX 750.

What's the truth? No adidas officials have confirmed or denied the claim, but at this point, it's probably just better to roll with the story. Say it was Kanye's original adidas design in 2006, drop an all-red pair and watch the money pile up.

Do you believe Jasper?

Kanye West's adidas ZX 850 Bone? (1)