words // Zac Dubasik

Searching for shoes on the resale market can be a scary proposition, but in today's sneaker world, with resellers running rampant and making things more difficult than ever, it's become a reality for almost all of us.

It's become big business too. How big? It was recently reported that sneaker sales are predicted to hit $465 million on eBay over the next 12 months. 

There are some simple, yet important steps to follow if you're going to be looking for sneakers on eBay. We've outlined a handful of them here, and feel these will give you the best chance possible to find deals. Check out our advice, and let us know any tricks you have in the comments section.


5. Know What You’re Looking For

As with many aspects of life, knowledge can be your best weapon when it comes to finding deals on eBay. Research completed auctions and find out what shoes actually sell for, so you know what exactly qualifies as a good deal. This will also help you recognize when something is too good to be true, and possibly fake.



4. Look For Poorly Labeled Auctions

Savvy resellers will most likely have the correct titles, as well as be spamming them with terms like ‘Red October,’ ‘South Beach’ and ‘Galaxy,’ regardless of the shoe they’re actually selling. But not everyone is a savvy seller. Some are kids with limited business acumen. Some are parents looking to get rid of unused sneakers. Be on the lookout for ‘Air Jordons’ and overly simplistic titles like ‘Nike Shoes,’ which could be practically anything and are worth checking out.



3. Consider Used

What are your plans for this shoe? Will you be wearing them? Will they go on an amazingly innovative display like the one seen here? True, not everyone is comfortable wearing a shoe that someone else has before them. But if you are OK with it, it’s worth taking a look at pairs that have been worn.

Much like a car, if you’ll be wearing the shoes anyway, why not let someone else eat the depreciation? And if you have no intention on wearing them, broaden the scope of your search, and consider looking for a size up or down, that aren’t your own. As long as they’re not comically big or small, you might as well take advantage of a bigger selection.



2. Jump When The Time Is Right

The more recent the release, chances are, the easier it will be to find. But with vintage sneakers, and even some extremely limited current ones, you may spend months looking before you ever see the object of your desires. You may be willing to pay more for something that you might not have the chance to own again any time soon. Know your budget, and be ready to go for it in cases like these, when you finally have the chance.



1. Be Patient, Be Persistent

If there is only one rule to follow when searching for sneakers on the resale market, it’s this: Look every day.

There’s enough of a consumer base out there that whatever you’re looking for will show up eventually, so make sure you’re looking when it does. And if you can’t afford it, keep saving, and keep looking.