DJ Khaled's Top Sneaker Moments, According To The Streets

words // Brandon Richard

On Tuesday's episode of ESPN's First Take, DJ Khaled accused the San Antonio Spurs of purposely turning off the air conditioning in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. His source? The streets.

That got us thinking: What would the streets say are DJ Khaled's best sneaker moments? We recently surveyed a few unnamed members for feedback on the topic. The answers took us from the weight room to American Airlines Arena.

And here we have DJ Khaled's top sneaker moments, according to the streets.


DJ Khaled wearing Air Jordan IV 4 Thunder

Something for the Ladies
Air Jordan 4 'Thunder'
May 2013

The Streets Say: "He woke up like that."


DJ Khaled wearing Air Jordan IV 4 Retro

Moving Weight
Air Jordan 4 Retro
March 2013

The Streets Say: "Sike, he didn't wake up like that."


DJ Khaled wearing Air Jordan III 3 Legends of the Summer

Legend of the Street
Air Jordan 3 Retro 'Legends of the Summer'
August 2013

The Streets Say: "Getting your own exclusive Js is just beneath starting your solo career off with a Clipse assisted performance in the hood pass power rankings."


DJ Khaled wearing Air Jordan IX 9 Low Pearl

Photoshoot Fresh
Air Jordan 9 Retro Low 'Pearl'
September 2013

The Streets Say: "Can't be out here with the pre-divorce Tim Duncan shape-up."


DJ Khaled wearing adidas Originals Superstar

Dope Boy Fresh
adidas Originals Superstar
September 2013

The Streets Say: "Nobody's closet should be without an adidas tracksuit and a pair of Shells. It's the rule."


DJ's Khaled's Gaudy Jewelry Displays

New Watch Alert

The Streets Say: "Just so you know what time it is."


DJ Khaled wearing Reebok Kamikaze II 2 Glow in the Dark

Show Love
Reebok Kamikaze 2 'Glow in the Dark'
September 2013

The Streets Say: "Gotta support the homie's endeavors, because you know he wouldn't have been caught dead in these without the lob from Ross."


We the Best x Air Jordans

We the Best
Air Jordan 3 & 4 Retro

The Streets Say: "You gotta have custom kicks in these streets, even if custom just means some shoddy homemade patches and struggle lasering."


DJ Khaled Sneaker Phone Pose

Streets is Talking
Jordans & Yeezys

The Streets Say: "When the streets is talkin, sneakers is gossipin."


DJ Khaled wearing Air Jordan I 1 Black/Royal

Air Jordan 1 Retro 'Royal'
May 2014

The Streets Say: "Khaled must have not gotten the memo on the Illuminati chain."


DJ Khaled wearing Air Jordan VI 6 History of Air Jordan

Last Take
Air Jordan 6 Retro 'History of Air Jordan'
June 2014

The Streets DJ Khaled Says: "Let's beat this traffic."