words // Nick DePaula

For a brand that had been entirely dormant until a trio of early 20 year-olds from Atlanta miraculously revived it by repeating the brand's name literally one million times over a beat by a guy named Zaytoven, Versace has had quite the run this past year.

They've been dropping $700 shirts to commemorate the World Cup because why not, outfitting Nick Young in head-to-toe looks for his GQ photoshoot (!!), and now, they're upping the ignorance even more with these $1,295 monstrosities featuring elegant high fashion taste zippers with no purpose, woven chain detailing, metallic gold midsole plates, "croc-embossed" panels and gaudy straps miraculously similary to the adiRise. 

Available now over at SSENSE if you're about that life.