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We're back once again for another set of great sneaker finds from the bidding floors of eBay. This week starts with a piece of sneaker history, and ends with one of the best editions of Fakes of the Week yet. Let's get right into it!


Piece of Sneaker History of the Week
Game-Used Kentucky Nike Dunk PE's

Complete with modified, thicker and Air-equipped sole borrowed from the Air Ship, this pair of kicks is a true piece of sneaker history. Possibly the only pair in existence, you can score this Kentucky PE pair of Dunks for the reasonable-for-its-rarity price of $420.


Vintage Deadstock of the Week
Nike Air P Phaze

I'm not sure if a shoe from only 13 years ago really counts as vintage, but either way, here's a pair of the P Phaze. This forgotten model from Nike Basketball features the defunct Tubular Air and a Foamposite upper. You'll probably never see a retro of these, so grab them while you can!


One to Watch
Nike Air Props Uptempo

The obscure Air Props Uptempo from 1997 is a shoe you may never even see on eBay again, let alone get a retro release of. If you like what you see and can fit a size 10.5, you'll want to add this deadstock pair to your watch list since they're listed at only $100.


T-Shirt of the Week
Vintage Nike Alonzo Mourning

I actually had this shirt as a kid! If you want to be as cool as the 10 year old version of me (which wasn't cool at all), or celebrate the return of the Hornets to Charlotte where Zo played when this shirt was made, pick this beauty up now for only $35.


Fakes of the Week
Jam Master Jay Commemorative Air Jordan 7

An Air Jordan commemorating a member of Run DMC...who were known for wearing adidas for pretty much their entire career.


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