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Unlike a lot of the sneaker celebrities that are covered, Mark Wahlberg is an actual A-lister. Despite his advanced fame, the artist formerly known as Marky Mark still likes to kick back in a fresh pair of kicks, evident by his frequent appearances in Celebrity Sole Watch. We'll probably see him featured again, as he just reeled in another major pickup courtesy of the Jordan Brand.

Earlier today, Wahlberg tweeted the latest addition to his collection — the 'JumpDuck' Oregon Air Jordan 4. Exclusively made for friends and family of the Ducks' program, these kicks first hit the scene last January. Wahlberg added a special thanks to Tinker, Michael J and Reggie, meaning he's definitely not getting his kicks from shady promo project managers.

Is this one of the best Oregon Jordan PEs to date?

Mark Wahlberg Picks Up 'JumpDuck' Oregon Air Jordan 4

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