words // Zack Schlemmer

This Classic Commercial was originally posted on February 20th, 2013 for Chuck's birthday, but let's watch again in celebration of this summer's blockbuster Godzilla hitting theatres today.

Charles Barkley celebrates his 50th birthday today, so we had to take it back to one of Nike's all-time greatest commercials with Sir Charles battling Godzilla.

Thanks to his on-court dominance and charismatic personality, Charles Barkley was the star of many memorable commercials during the 90's, including the powerful "I Am Not a Role Model" spot from Nike, and the more playful series of Right Guard deordorant ads.  With Barkley almost as popular as ever now thanks to his sportscasting career, he continues to be featured in commercials still today, but none of his ads past or present are quite as cool as the classic "Godzilla vs. Barkley".

In this commercial we see Chuck wearing the Nike Air Ballistic Force as he battles Godzilla on the "court" in downtown Tokyo as he proceeds to dominate the giant lizard in the post, then suggest that maybe he try out for the Lakers.  How did Charles get so huge?  Why didn't Godzilla just melt him with his lazer breath?  Where did Godzilla get those goggles?  Who cares!  Regardless of the plot holes, this is definitely Barkley's best commercial.

Happy Birthday, Chuck!