words // Zack Schlemmer

The Charlotte Bobcats officially become the Charlotte Hornets today, bringing the buzz back to the Queen City for good. In celebration of everybody's favorite teal and purple clad team making a comeback, today we'll take a look at yet another Classic Commercial featuring a former Hornets star with his grandmother. No, we're not talking about George Zidek and his grandma back in the Czech Republic, we're talking about Larry Johnson and the Grandmama, LJ's high-flying, slam-dunking granny.

In today's episode, we watch as LJ has a little trouble on the court with Grandmama after getting beat by the old gal in her new pair of REACT juice equipped Aerojets (LJ's second signature shoe), and looks to Kevin Johnson for some help. Unfortunately for Kevin, things don't seem to go so well in his first meeting with Grandmama.