words // Zac Dubasik

Here at Sole Collector, we don’t condone buying or wearing fakes, and we’d certainly never do so ourselves. But they sure can be funny to look at.

Today, we’ve rounded up 10 of the funniest pairs we could find. And the good news is that if you are into a pair, they’re all available on eBay right now. Let us know what you think in the comments, and tell us if you’ll be picking any up.


Air Jordan 11 “Obama”

There’s no doubt that the 2008 election was a historic one. And what better way to celebrate such an event, than with a commemorative sneaker? The execution may not have been there, but the fake makers were just giving us what the real companies weren’t. (Although they may have run into some issues regarding using the President’s likeness.)


Air Jordan 8 “Clear”

We’ve probably all seen Air Jordan 7s with clear panels. For some unknown reason, that became a staple of the fake world. But luckily for fans of fake shoes with clear panels, you can also get this option on the Air Jordan 8.


Air Jordan Fusion

Let’s take a second to appreciate all of the amazing things going on here, because there’s a lot happening. The shoe has clearly been influenced by the now-defunct Fusion line, as evidenced by the AF1-like midsole, but the upper incorporates the hologram from the Air Jordan 13, along with an embroidered graphic pattern that appears to be equal parts Air Jordan XX3 and Melo M5. Truly amazing.


Air Jordan 11 “Ring Ceremony”

It’s not the shoe itself that’s so funny in the case of these fake Ray Allen PEs. From an execution standpoint, you could do much, much worse when it comes to fakes. It’s the $700 BIN price, which is neither cheap enough for someone to pay for a fake, nor high enough to if they were real.


Air Jordan XX3 Low

It's a real tough call to say why these fakes possibly exist. The whole point of the fake industry is to make something that's highly desired more easily accessible. Rest assured, there’d be no problem grabbing these for a discount price if they ever did actually exist. The fact that the've also been worn makes them even more puzzling.


Air Yeezy 2 “Red October”

The bad news? You aren't fooling anyone with these fake Red Octobers. The good news? Ye will autograph 'em anyway.


Air Yeezy “All-White”

Whenever summer hits, so does white sneaker season. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of the shoes Sneaker News detailed here for the next few months. And if there were an all-white Yeezy, you’d undoubtedly be seeing those too. But there isn’t, unless you pick up a pair of these.


Air Yeezy 2 “South Beach”

I’ll be honest. I'd be disappointed if there wasn’t a fake South Beach Yeezy 2. That's just a matter of the fake manufacturers doing their jobs, and giving the people what they want.


Air Foamposite One “Graphics”

The sad part about the spiderweb / bullet hole / galaxy graphic on these Foams is that there are probably Foam fans that would still rather have them than the Weatherman Pack.