words // Nick DePaula

When the Buscemi 100 MM sneaker first debuted over a year ago, the reaction was expectedly rather mixed. The shoe, afterall, took inspiration along the collar from the locket and handle of a Birkin bag, a woman's purse that can run you as much as $20,000 large.

To say the design cues were a little oft-putting to some would be an understatement.

Then, there was the price. They might not've been $20,000, but the shoes did indeed retail for $865, a bold as hell price for a new brand who's namesake, Jon Buscemi, was mostly known in the footwear world as the co-founder of Gourmet Sneakers, which were certainly priced in an entirely different landscape.

They've since released the 125 MM, priced at just $755, and to help calm any fears about the quality of the materials, construction or just how much of a handcrafted touch goes into the making of each sneaker, Buscemi recently produced this 90 second video that follows the 125 MM's production process.

"The top priority was always to have the highest quality offered globally," says Jon Buscemi. "We went straight to the source and teamed up with the leading footwear and accessory manufacturing facilities in the world, located in the Italian Marche area."

Check out the video below, and let us know your opinions on the shoe.

Buscemi® - Obnoxiously High Quality from Jon Buscemi on Vimeo.