words // Luis Sanchez

Following last week's look at Phase2's incredible collection of PEs and Samples, SC's newest series NICHE switches things up with the spotlight now on a collection featuring a ton of gems from China's own Li-Ning brand.

Sole Collector recently sat down with long-time forum member John Lyon to discuss his love for Li-Ning's product and the now almost three-year old Way of Wade brand. John's true appreciation of Li-Ning's basketball footwear is quickly evidented, thanks to his unique collection which features everything from unreleased samples created strictly for Dwyane Wade and his people, to PEs done up for players who never ended up joining the Li-Ning family.

Check out the latest episode of NICHE above for a look at John Lyon's impressive Li-Ning and Way of Wade Collection, and be sure to look out for future episodes spotlighting some of the most unique collections out there.

NICHE Episode 2: John Lyon's Li-Ning & Way of Wade Collection