words // Luis Sanchez

This week's top Cop or Not picks include everything from another Packer Shoes x Reebok Collab, to a new Roshe Run style that has everyone talking.

Packer Shoes and Reebok's recently unveiled Blue Chips-inspired Shaq Attaq leads the charge this week, with the all new 'Palm Trees' Roshe Run coming in a close second. The recently released Florist City Collection by adidas was also well received, along with the yet to be released Jordan Team One in its original Black/White color scheme.

Check out all of this week's top kicks according to your Cop or Not votes in the list below.

10. Reebok Kamikaze I OG Black/White COP - 88.89%

9. Jordan Team One Black/White COP - 88.89%

8. Nike KD VI 'What the KD' COP - 89.55%

7. Nike Air Zoom Flight The Glove 'Royal' COP - 90%

6. Air Jordan 14 Retro 'Red Suede' COP - 90.71%

5. BAIT x Saucony Shadow Original 'Cruel World 2' COP - 91.20%

4. adidas Florist City Collection COP - 92.11%

3. Nike Air Max 95 NS COP - 92.45%

2.  Nike Roshe Run 'Palm Trees' COP - 93.46%

1. Packer Shoes x Reebok Shaq Attaq 'Official Friend of the Program' COP - 94.23%