words // Luis Sanchez

For over 20 years now, Bape has continued to push the limits with their incredibly unique products, ranging from apparel to accessories, and home goods.

Aside from Bape's wide range of classic camo and all-overprint hoodies, few of their items have been as impactful as Bape's iconic Bapesta kicks. The Bapesta was heavily inspired by Nike's iconic Air Force 1, and provided us with colorways and materials we'd never be able to see over the AF1.

Nigo and Bape took things to the next level with the Bapesta, not afraid to go all the way flashy with full patent leather builds and covering them in the most vibrant color schemes we'll ever see. Every where throughout the mid 2000's and still going strong, Bape's game-changing looks for the Bapesta even inspired the Swoosh to release a number of patent leather Air Force 1s throughout 2006.

Bape also provided us with a number of memorable collaborations over the Bapesta, releasing designs by everyone from Marvel Comics to Sanrio, and Kaws. One of Kanye West's first-ever sneaker releases was also a Bapesta by Bape, which has gone down as one of the most coveted styles ever released.

While they might have toned down things a bit nowadays, it was really the crazy color schemes and flashiness of the Bapesta that made them classic. Just like the Air Force 1 by Nike, there is a countless amount of classic looks for the Bapesta by Bape.

Celebrating Bape's forever iconic shoe, we take a look back at some of the most memorable Bapestas ever released. Enjoy a trip down memory lane, and be sure to hit us with your favorite Bapesta styles in the comments below.

Bapesta - Green Camo

 Bapesta - Green/Pink

Bapesta - Black/Green

Bapesta - Coffee/Brown

Bapesta - Black/Red

Bapesta - Orange/Red- 11th Anniversary

Bapesta - Red/Green

Bapesta - Blue Camo - KAWS

Bapesta - Pink Camo - KAWS

Bapesta - Pink Camo - KAWS

Bapesta - Blue Camo - KAWS

Bapesta - Grey Camo - KAWS

Bapesta - Red Camo

Bapesta - Blue Camo

Bapesta - Blue/Green

Bapesta - Red/Green

Bapesta - Navy/Pink

Bapesta - Black/Black

Bapesta - Grey/Purple

Bapesta - Coffee/Brown - KAWS Chompers

Bapesta - Purple Camo

Bapesta - Red Camo

Bapesta - Pink Camo

Bapesta - Green/White

Bapesta - Marvel Comics - The Incredible Hulk

Bapesta - Marvel Comics - Silver Surfer

Bapesta - Brown/Yellow - Baby Milo

Bapesta - Black/Blue

Bapesta - Kanye West

Bapesta - Pink Camo

Bapesta - Daft Punk

Bapesta - Gold

Bapesta - Silver

Bapesta - Spongebob Squarepants

Bapesta - Nubuck

Bapesta Mid - Nubuck

Bapesta - Brown Nubuck

Bapesta - Snake

images via Sneaker Archive by Flight Club