words // Luis Sanchez

If we had to pick one guy the Air Max Hyperposite would be most suitable for, it would definitely be Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat.

The two-time defending NBA Champ has been treated to some of the most impressive player exclusive colorways we've ever seen, utilizing Miami's classic color combination of Black, Red, White and Yellow. Bosh has also worn the now much loved Hyperposite for a number of special occasions, including Black History Month, the All-Star Game, and of course, the NBA Finals.

Which of his PE's are the best though? Is it the rare 'Carbon FIber' edition we all like to see him rock? Or is it the vibrant purple pear he wore for Black History Month this season? Find out in the list below, as we celebrate Chris Bosh's birthday with a look back at some of his best Hyperposite PEs.

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All-Star Game 2014




Black/Yellow-Red - 'Miami Heat Away'


Black History Month 2014


Black/Red-White - 2012-2013 Season


White/Black-Red - 2012-2013 Season


Carbon Fiber - 2012-2013 Season


White/Black-Red - 2012-2013 Season


Black/Red-Yellow - 2012-2013 Season



Black/Red - 2013


Red/Gold - 2013 NBA Finals


Black/Gold - 2013 NBA Finals


White/Black-Gold - 2013 NBA Finals