words // Brandon Richard

With another disappointing Dunk Contest in the books, it could be up to Lil' Cuzo TerRio to save All-Star Weekend's marquee event.

In a clip posted earlier this week, the 6-year old gave us a preview of what we could expect if he were to enter the contest. TerRio combines speed, grace and a power in an unnamed dunk that shook the very foundation of his Little Tikes hoop.

With this video, TerRio is showing us that he can do two things that the so-called greatest player in the world is afraid to do. One, he's throwing his name in the mix for the Dunk Contest. Two, he's doing so while wearing the LeBron 11. 'Forging' Iron is the nickname assigned to the orange-based colorway, but 'TerRios' may be a better fit.

Check out the highlight below, along with a bonus clip of TerRio showcasing a variety of skills.

TerRio wearing Nike LeBron 11 Forging Iron