words // Zac Dubasik

There will undoubtedly be some major sneaker surprises in 2014 that we haven't even considered yet. Whether that's a new entertainer's line, a shoe being retroed for the first time, or the debut of new tech, there are always plenty of kicks we never saw coming.

But there are also some shoes that we can be reasonably certain will happen. We already know the Nike Kobe 9 Elite will be here sooner than later. Time will tell if we ever see Kobe wear it on-court, but we know that shoe launches next month.

We can also be pretty sure that we will see a Lebron 12 next year. And after the on-court debacle of the 11, chances are we will see it much more frequently on-court.

Kanye claims to have over 20 footwear designs done already with adidas, so there's a pretty good chance we may see at least one over the course of the year. And speaking of Kanye, there's still a shoe known as the Red Octobers that haven't released, but probably have already been made. Could we finally see those drop in 2014?

What about a new Air Jordan? It's already January, and there's still no word on a new Game Shoe. But unless there's a break in tradition after 28 straight years, we'll probably be seeing an Air Jordan XX9 at some point.

What are you most looking forward to in 2014? Is it one of these models we know will be coming out? Is there a retro you're hoping for? Or are you more excited about the shoes we don't yet even have a concept of?