words // Zac Dubasik

Just yesterday it was reported that J.R. Smith had escaped his shoelace untying incident with only a warning. What's a guy like J.R. Smith do when faced with such a scenario? Goes for a repeat performance, of course. Because, if you are only going to get a warning, then the potential positives probably outweigh the negatives, right? 

So last night (remember, the same day as his warning) J.R. unsuccessfully attempted the move again, against Greg Monroe. Unfortunately for Smith, the NBA does't give warnings every time.

Apparently that was just for the first incident. The second, has earned him a $50k fine, according to Marc Spears

And it turns out, those aren't the only two incidents. Check out the video below of J.R. and Dwight Howard engaging in a shoelace untying battle.