words // Brandon Richard

The NBA doesn't quite function like college athletics, so you won't see players making decisions based on gear hook-ups, but there's now an extra incentive for being a Toronto Raptor.

Last year, rapper Drake made two moves that really enhance his overall profile. One, the Toronto-native was named a global ambassador of the Raptors in September. Then, a little more than a month ago, he announced a partnership with the Jordan Brand at a concert in Portland. With these moves, Drizzy now has some influential hold over the franchise and the reach to hook the players up with exclusive gear.

Yesterday, Raps big man and known Jordan wearer Amir Johnson took to Instagram to give us a look at his newly acquired 'OVO Pack' Air Jordan 12s. The kicks were of course a gift from Drake, who will be in the arena for tomorrow's 'Drake Night' game against Brooklyn.

Drake first shared his 'OVO' Jordans in early December, describing them as a 'Stingray' sample pack. The black and white-based pairs feature monochromatic designs, the latter treated to gold accents and a translucent sole.

By the looks of Drake's account, Johnson may not be the only Raptor flexing on Instagram.

No word yet on whether or not Jordan Brand plans to release any OVO product. From our point of view, it seems like an absolute no-brainer. Would you cop a pair of OVO 12s?

Drake Gives Amir Johnson Air Jordan 12 OVO Pack