words // Brandon Richard

If you've been in the sneaker game long enough, SpursSniperSeven (@PEVault) and DependableJay (@DependableJay) need no introduction. If you haven't, they still need no introduction. These guys are both sneaker beasts with one-of-a-kind collections that will leave you in awe. They're both also very humble about what they own, so it makes it extremely easy to give them props when they're due.

The fun part about following these guys on Instagram is that they'll occasionally engage in a little friendly oneupmanship. Today, they both shared rare Randy Moss Player Exclusives in celebration of the NFL postseason.

Jay shared a cleated Randy Moss version of the Air Jordan 9. The cleats are white-based with a purple patent mudguard, yellow accents and custom embroidery.

PEVault piggybacked with the turf version, which is more or less the same shoe with a nubbed sole.

All things considered, it's interesting that Jordan Brand hasn't retroed a similar colorway of the Air Jordan 9. Would you like to see a sneaker version of these cleats drop? Check out the photos below and click here for some in-game shots of Randy wearing both.

Randy Moss Air Jordan 9 PE (1)

Randy Moss Air Jordan 9 Turf PE (1)

Randy Moss Air Jordan 9 Turf PE (2)