words & image // Zack Schlemmer

When thinking of the short-lived Lightweight Performance line from Nike in the mid 90's, the first shoe for most sneaker aficionados that comes to mind is obviously the Air Go LWP.  Famously worn by the likes of Penny Hardaway and Jason Kidd (along with countless other NBA guards and forwards), some of you youngin's probably know the Air Go best as one of the shoes that inspired the Zoom Rookie. 

So we know the Air Go, but what about the rest of the LWP line?  Even though they were some of the first Nike shoes to utilize Zoom Air (then called Tensile Air) and helped lead the way for lightweight-conscious design, pretty much every other LWP model, including Andre Agassi's awesome Air Challenge LWP and the Air Scream LWP cross trainer seen in this ad, has fallen into obscurity.  But luckily, this Vintage Ad is here to the rescue!  This two-page spread from 1995 is ready to help resurrect the classic cross-trainer from the back of sneaker history's closet...at least for anybody that reads this.