words // Zac Dubasik

Sunday night may have been all about Kobe's return, but it was Nick Young who stole his thunder, leading the Lakers with 19 points off the bench, and delivering the night's most memorable play. (Although Kobe's awkward, one-footed sky hook airball was a close second). 

While the world was watching Kobe's first game back, Nick Young laced up a pair of Regional Air Jordan XXs, and went out and did Nick Young things - including the above missed 540 layup attempt. "I do that all the time," he said after the game.

If Swaggy P isn't one of your favorite players, you are probably either a basketball purist, or he has played on your home team. You obviously hate fun though. 

But if you're the type of person that does like fun, you will undoubtedly enjoy this video. And you probably already know that this type of play is nothing new for Nick Young. Check out the below video to see a successfully completed version of this signature move.