words // Brennan Hiro Williams

Livestock ramps up the holiday shopping season with its '12 Days of Christmas' promotion, a 12-day raffle featuring some of the past two year's most sought after releases. 

Beginning on Saturday, December 14, Livestock will give one raffle winner the opportunity to purchase a pair of sold out sneakers at Canadian retail price, followed by two winners on the 15th, three on the 16th and increasing each day leading up to December 25 when the shop will raffle off 12 pairs. For those keeping score, that's 78 chances to win in 12 days. Selected customers will be contacted via email on the day of each draw with a product link and a 48-hour window to make their purchase.

If the teaser image released by Livestock is any indication of what will be available, you do not want to sleep on this.

Sign up for the contest now at Deadstock.ca

Livestock Canada 12 Days of Christmas