words // Nick DePaula

Amidst all of the uncertainty surrounding LeBron James and the lack of on-court time he's been spending in his new LeBron 11, last night could be deemed a setback for his confidence in the shoe, as he sprained his left ankle towards the end of the 3rd quarter while hosting the Utah Jazz.

While driving to the hoop in the open court, he rolled his left ankle after a plant, forcing him to miss the first 7 minutes of the 4th quarter before returning to help the Heat to their 18th win of the season.

Today, James has spent his morning icing and elevating to try and get back on the court as soon as possible.

Since he wasn't spending any time walking outside today, in true Instagram fashion, he posted a WDYWT shot of one of his best recent pickups to flex on everyone. 

Said @KingJames: 

"This is what I'll be doing today. Gotta stay off the ankle and keep it raised. Rehab in session. Oh don't mind them sick kicks. Haa!"

From the sounds of it, that means we might not be seeing LeBron suit up for tomorrow night's marquee matchup against the Indiana Pacers. 

We'll be sure to keep an eye on the severity of his injury, and of course, we'll keep close tabs on what he returns to the hardwood in. As for the Oregon Ducks themed Air Jordan Vs? There's already quite a bit of chatter that these might actually be releasing sometime this spring.