words // Zac Dubasik

Dating back to the adidas Rose 1, Tony Allen is one of the few players not named Derrick Rose to wear his signature line. So, if the debate ever were to come up, about which player was most likely to ever kick CP3 in the face (even inadvertently) while wearing a Derrick Rose signature shoe, there's a good chance Tony Allen's name could have come up. Partly beause there are only so many NBA players even wearing D Roses, and partly because...well...Tony Allen has those kind of things happen.

Late in the first quarter of the Grizzlies' 106-102 victory against the Clippers, Tony Allen flailed his arms and extended a leg as CP3 drove down the lane, and the result was a direct leg-to-face connection. The fact that Allen immediately apologized, and argued the flagrant 2 call leads us to believe it was inadvertent. As proof, I present this tweet last week from Michael Grady.

So, basically, Tony Allen is an honest guy, and owns up to his flagrant fouls. Regardless though, he was ejected from the game, but still his team managed to pull off the win. Check out the video of the incident below, and have a closer look at the D Rose 4s he's been wearing as of late after that.