words // Zack Schlemmer

We've already had the "Peanut Butter & Jelly" Nike KD VI, and now we move on to another version of Kevin Durant's sixth signature with a story relating to another one of his favorite foods: the Maryland Blue Crab.  Much like the PB&J's, the Blue Crabs relate to a food KD associates with growing up and playing basketball.  

Via Nike Inc:

If the state of Maryland had a mascot, there’s no doubt it would be a blue crab.  

Honoring his home state and appetite for blue crabs, the inside stories continue for KD and his sixth Nike signature shoe. KD often reminisces about the crab feasts he would attend through childhood, and the KD VI Maryland Blue Crab is a fitting tribute.

With color, graphics and textures mimicking a blue crab indigenous to Maryland, the high performance shoe can double as a showpiece. The details are unmistakable: exact pantone colors matching the legs and pinchers of a blue crab, with textured effects on the shoe’s upper and KD logo matching a crab’s shell. The KD-logo hologram on the outsole brings the theme full circle with crab legs and pinchers.

Check out the detailed images below along with a video from KD explaining the "Maryland Blue Crab" KD VI, and expect them at select Nike Basketball retailers on Black Friday, Novemeber 29th.