words // Nick DePaula

In an era where modern analytics and data rule basketball, a stat not officially kept that Kevin Garnett clearly ranks as the all-time leader in would be on-court cussing. Camera men don't even bother to follow him back up court after a made basket anymore, since the range of phrases from "God dammit!" to the longform version of "MF" are fairly easily lip-readable. It's just a part of life, he says.

When KG recently faced off against his beloved former head coach Doc Rivers, the current Clippers coach even had this to say about how the two maintain their relationship: "We just text. It makes it harder for him to curse."

Which makes the tagline seen below promoting Garnett's newest series of Anta sneakers entirely perfect.

It's fair to assume things are slightly lost in translation here, considering the season-long theme for Anta is also "Team Priceless."

A screaming and skying KG seen below, still in Celtics green no less, is alongside the text "Don't Shit In My Lawn" in a new online banner, because of course.

It's worth pointing out that the banner was spotted on Taobao, a Chinese online retailer, so there's no word on whether or not the sweet slogan came straight from Anta or was marketing gold conceived by the Taobao team. Either way, it's hilarious.

Check it out for yourself over on the Taobao site: http://anta.taobao.com/#