words // Brandon Richard

When Shaq speaks, we listen. Today, the retired Dr. O'Neal shared the Instagram video below, live from Reebok International Headquarters. Of course, the Big Fella pumped up next week's 'Escape From LA' Shaqnosis drop, but he also treated us to an early look at some upcoming releases from the Classics range.

On the wall, various colorways of models like the Pump Omni Lite, Pump Twilight Zone, Kamikaze, Kamikaze II, Shaq Attaq and Shaqnosis. More importantly, our first look at the returning D-Time, Blast, Instapump Shaq Attaq and Answer III.

Check out the insta-video below and let us know which Reebok Classic you're looking forward to the most.

Reebok Classics '14 Preview: Shaqnosis & Shaq Attaq

Reebok Classics Preview '14: Instapump Shaq Attaq, Blast, Answer III