words // Brandon Richard

The last time New Jersey boutique Packer Shoes linked up with Reebok Classics, they absolutely crushed it with the 'Remember the Alamo' Kamikaze II. The 96 All-Star themed kicks were packaged along with matching gear and sold out in minutes in-store and online. Now, Packer teases an all-new project with the Vector team, spearheaded by a cryptic graphic shared on Instagram earlier tonight.

Created in black and white, the image simply reads 'Promo Sample' and 'For Player Use Only.' Packer also included a caption that indicates an October 18 release date.

More information will be later this week, but in the meantime, give us your best guesses for what this collaboration could be and let us know which model you're hoping for.

Packer Shoes Teases For Player Use Only Reebok Classics Collaboration