words // Nick DePaula

Let's be honest. Sometimes in footwear, a cool sounding name can be just as important as the actual technology.

You'll have a hard time finding anyone that thinks Air is the best cushioning platform around, but it's enjoyed over twenty-five years of dominance because it's visible and sounds pretty awesome.

Air as a naming convention is a marketing dream.

But what other tech names do you really like? 

Which brands do the best job of coming up with buzz words for the repurposed foam and mechanical cushioning systems they use or their latest upper constructions?

Can Boost be a key for adidas going forward? Does Under Armour need to tweak their "Micro G" naming? Does Jordan Brand have a winner with "Flight Plate?"

Place your vote in the poll below, and let us know in the comments section which terms work best for footwear, which ones need some help and which brands excel best at marketing their cushioning and upper technologies.