words // Zack Schlemmer

The late 1980's brought us some of the best Nike Running models ever.  Air Max 1, Air Safari, Air Flow, Air Stab...the list goes on.  Among these heavy hitters are a few oft-forgotten models worth taking a look at, as well.  Enter the Air Odyssey from 1988.  Sure, nobody was really asking for it, but here it is anyway, set for a comeback in 2014.  Designed as a stability shoe, the Odyssey features a fairly simple design similar to the more acclaimed Air Pegasus '89. (The Odyssey also got one of the coolest Nike print ads ever.) 

The Air Odyssey will return in at least one original colorway (a Cream/Bordeaux blend), along with the four new colorways seen below.  There is no official release date yet, but expect them in early 2014.

Via Street Rules