words // Zack Schlemmer

Mis Zapas releases another eBook, this time featuring a collection of top NBA players and a comprehensive list of shoes worn throughout their career. 

Within this eBook available for download now from Mis Zapas you'll find 200 pages featuring 38 "A list" basketball players with an illustrated guide to every shoe worn throughout their career.  Michael Jordan's Air Jordan I with a Dunk sole?  In there.   Want to know what Stephon Marbury wore during his rookie year?  In there.  Every shoe Chris Webber wore at Michigan?  In there!  This eBook is will answer any question you have about what any relevant NBA player wore on any given year on the court. 

The A Player A Shoe eBook from Mis Zapas (along with the rest of the Mis Zapas eBook collection) is available now for download in PDF form at Mis Zapas.net for 6 EUROS (approximately $8 US).