words // Zack Schlemmer

Somehow in all the time of the Classic Commercial feature, we've never featured the Fun Police.  Since the Fun Police campaign is pretty much the definition of classic when it comes to sneaker commercials, I had to make sure they weren't left out any longer! 

For those unfamiliar with Nike's Fun Police, they were a group of pros determined to make sure the game of basketball stayed enjoyable for all.  Making sure ball hogs pass the ball, giving mascots pep talks, sending CEOs and their trophy wives to the cheap seats to let real fans sit courtside...all in a day's work for the Fun Police.  In this episode, watch as Kevin Garnett, Tim Hardaway and Terry Porter give a local high school basketball team an offensive boost to take the game from bland to bursting with energy.  And for you readers who haven't seen the other Fun Police commercials, do yourself a favor and head over to YouTube to check them out.