words & images // Nick DePaula
as published in Issue 44 of Sole Collector Magazine

Beat Heat is back once again, and here we have one of my very favorite shoes of all time, the Nike Air Command Force.

Older than some girls I've dated and worn by the legendary Billy Hoyle in "White Men Can't Jump," the Command Force is one of those shoes that precisely defines an era. They're distinctly and without a doubt from 1991, a time when everyone thought that the higher the collar, the higher the amount of ankle support.

There's molded leather throughout the shoe, and these also featured a Pump system along the heel that was quite honestly ripped off from Reebok's highly succesful system of the same name. But they're still a cult classic that at some point needs to be brought back.

Check out my well-worn pair below, as rocked along with my full Billy Hoyle costume for both Halloween 2009 and Halloween 2011. Unfortunately, there was a little too much Swag Surfing at 3 AM in 2011, and the midsole began to crack in a few spots, forcing these into early retirement.