words // Brandon Richard

First of all, I have no shame. I'm approaching 30 and I still watch professional wrestling on a weekly basis. A lot of it. Yes, I know it's "fake" and that the outcomes are predetermined, but I find it highly amusing and take much joy in writing about it here whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Well, an opportunity has presented itself, and I'm taking much joy in telling you all about it.

Hulk Hogan, wrestling's biggest icon, is a man that for better or worse always seems to find his name in the headlines. Today, the Hulkster makes ours by sharing his recent sneaker haul — seven pairs of Jordan Brand retros courtesy of his good friends Fat Joe and Macho (the irony!) of the Terror Squad.

Hulk's pickups include the upcoming "Fear Pack," the "Green Glow and "Toro" 4s, Black/White 11s and "Cement" Son of Lows. Not a bad first run for a newb.

You may recall that the Jordan Brand released a Hogan-inspired colorway of the Aero Flight as part of their throwback WWF Pack last year. Hulk probably doesn't even know they exist.

Hogan's involvement in the sneaker game just sets up another hurdle for collectors on Saturday mornings. Not only do you have to worry about campers, resellers and bots, but now 6'5," 250-pound wrestlers are going to be lined up at your local spot leg droppin' dudes in line. And whatcha gonna do, brother!

Whatcha Gonna Do? Hulk Hogan Now Part Of The Sneaker Game