words // Luis Sanchez

High end sneakers, classic collabs and one of the biggest releases of the year from the Jordan Brand headline this week's SC Staff WDYWT? Spotlight.

Senior Writer Zack Schlemmer takes this week's top spot, lacing up the recently unveiled SC x Nike Zoom Revis. NDP rocked a shoe he'd been trying to track down for years in the green Arena by Balenciaga, while Zac went with the always dependable Flyknit Chukka by Nike. Brennan took advantage of the great Cali weather in one of the many Supreme x Vans collaborations, while I decided to waste no time breaking out my "Toro Bravo" Air Jordan 4 Retro.

Continue on for a look at all the kicks worn by the SC staff this past week.

Zack Schlemmer

Senior Writer

SC x Nike Zoom Revis

Twitter: @FatShawnKemp

Instagram: @FatShawnKemp


Nick DePaula


Balenciaga Arena

Twitter: @_NDP

Instagram: @_NDP


Luis Sanchez

Senior Writer // Creative Director

Air Jordan 4 Retro

Twitter: @ix_eleven

Instagram: @ix_eleven


Zac Dubasik

Managing Editor

Nike Flyknit Chukka

Instagram: @GetBuckets


Brennan Williams

Senior Writer // Special Projects

Supreme x Vans Era

Twitter: @BurnWilliams

Instagram: @BurnWilliams