words // Zack Schlemmer

Who knew that Todd Day wore the Air Jordan X?  Thanks to this first card in this week's Kicks on Cards Collection, now you do!  Wait, let's back up...who under the age of 25 even knows who Todd Day is? 

Coincidentally, another #8 NBA Draft pick who never quite made it big in the NBA is next this week, with Shawn Respert in the Nike Air Flight Max.  The Flight Max, seen here in a dope white/purple Raptors colorway holds the distinction of being the first - and one of the few - Nike shoes to feature visible Air in the forefoot only.  A fairly popular shoe of the 1996-97 NBA season, the Air Flight Max could be found on the feet of a few players including Kevin Garnett and John Stockton

Allen Iverson takes out third spot in the collection this week, seen here during his rookie season in the Reebok Question.  We finish up the collection with two Spurs: David Robinson in the Nike Air Command Force, and Chuck Person in the rarely seen Nike Air Darwin Low (perhaps Dennis Rodman was hooking him up?).  Which is your favorite sneaker sighting this week?


Todd Day -- Air Jordan X


Shawn Respert -- Nike Air Flight Max

Allen Iverson -- Reebok Question


David Robinson -- Nike Air Command Force


Chuck Person -- Nike Air Darwin Low