words // Brandon Richard

Nate Robinson won your vote for the Sole Collector Sneaker Watch Champion, but it's hard to say any player had a better season of on-court kicks than Minnesota's Derrick Williams. From OG Flight Ones to "Oregon" Air Jordan 4s, D-Will's variety, originality and consistency may have been unmatched in '12-'13. Now, to make sure his fans' sneaker games are as up to par as his, Williams has once again launched his summer sneaker hunt.

The Derrick Williams Sneaker Hunt started today in Los Angeles, where he stashed a pair of "Year of the Snake" Kobe 8 EXTs in Little Tokyo. According to Williams, expect random models (including a ton of game-worn shoes and Player Exclusives from this past season) and sizes to be given away throughout the summer.

Expect the hunt to be conducted in waves. First, Los Angeles, Derrick's home city and where he's currently doing his offseason training for the upcoming  year. Things will then shift to Tucson, where Derrick played his college ball. Closer to the season, kicks will be given away in Minnesota as Derrick gets ready for training camp. Other cities may be in the mix as well!

For more information on the sneaker hunt, be sure to follow Derrick @RealDWill7 on Twitter and @dwillvii on Instagram.

Preview the first lineup of sneakers Derrick copped at RIF Los Angeles for the sneaker hunt below:

The Derrick Williams Sneaker Hunt Starts Today