words // Brennan Hiro Williams

The biggest name in sneaker cleaning accessories debuted his newest product this week, as Jason Markk revealed the Quick Wipe, a disposable wipe for cleaning sneakers on the go.

The Quick Wipe features a dual-textured substrate, with a smooth side for general cleaning and a dotted side for working out tougher stains. "Our substrate is extremely durable," assures Jason. "Don't be surprised if you are able to clean two to three pairs with just one wipe!"

Each Quick Wipe comes in its own individual wrapper. While many readers of this site probably aren't familiar with this type of packaging, it's a relatively simple and effective concept that can stay stashed away in your wallet for weeks, or perhaps even years, depending on how often you leave the house. 

The Jason Markk Quick Wipe is available now at select retailers and jasonmarkk.com.