words // Zack Schlemmer

Antoine Walker was definitely known more for his shimmy and outside shooting ability than his explosiveness, but this ad for his signature adidas Real Deal might have you think otherwise.  Yep, that's right kids, Antoine Walker had a signature sneaker line, and a good one! 

The Real Deal from 1998 is without a doubt one of the best adidas Basketball shoes from the late 90's, and it received the respect it deserves this year with a retro release from adidas.  The shoe's lightweight combination of looks, comfort and performance featuring Feet You Wear technology make it as good of an option on the court today as it was in '98. A number of adidas-sponsored NBA players including Iman Shumpert and Jimmy Butler laced them up this year, while adidas gave the Real Deal further relevancy in the modern sneaker market by crafting a special limited edition Rookie of the Year version for Damian Lillard.  Though the retro versions are great, let's get back to Antoine and check out the originals in this explosive two-page ad from 1998.