words // Nick DePaula

For most people that hate running, the simple solution is to avoid it all costs.

High fashion designer Rick Owens, who admits to always being reluctant to run, is looking for some incentive to get started. So he's teaming up with adidas to design an all-new new running silhouette. Must be nice.

“I work out like a fiend but I hate, hate, hate cardio," Owens recently told WWD. "I realized I’m in my fifties now and I need to do something for my heart and lungs. So, I’ve got to start running."

From there, he thought, ‘What shoes am I going to wear running?' I can’t wear my big chunky basketball shoes."

And naturally then, he was inspired to design his very own running shoe.

Slated to be unveiled at his Rick Owens spring show on June 27th in Paris, Owens agreed to design a single silhouette for adidas that'll release in six styles for men and three styles for women. The partnership will last just one season. The bulkier sneakers from his own signature line all retail for over a thousand bucks, and WWD reports that his model with adidas will fall in the $400-$500 range.

We'll be keeping an eye on June 27th and let you know once more information becomes available.