words & images // Nick DePaula

Whether it's his social media prowess, his unconscious shot selection or his collection of continually pieced-together ink, JR Smith is clearly one of the league's most entertaining characters and a SC Team favorite.

He probably hated winning the NBA's 6th Man Award this season (drawing attention to the fact that he doesn't start, which the ladies in 29 other cities might look down on), but he's had his most successful year yet as the Knicks' second scoring punch. His 18 points, 5 rebounds and nearly 3 assists per game this season were all career highs.

With his squad down 2-1 and now facing a dangerous game 4 matchup in Indianapolis against the Pacers tonight, you can look for JR to suit up in this sweet Knicks REV30 game jersey by adidas. A new take on the iconic blue and orange colors of the franchise, this year's kit ditched the black accents seen in recent years for a cleaner look. The newly launched cropped armbands allow for better range of motion, which helps a noted chucker like JR Swish.

Whether or not the upcoming free agent returns next fall remains to be seen, but luckily, the jersey also includes the instant classic tagline "Once A Knick. Always A Knick." If only Shandon Anderson and Eddy Curry could've been so justly honored.

You can check out more Knicks jerseys by adidas at NBAStore.com.