words // Brennan Hiro Williams

Hypebeast officially unveiled "The Dim Sum Project" today, a new collaboration with PUMA featuring two dim sum-themed colorways of the Blaze of Glory.

The Hypebeast team approached the project with Hong Kong's food culture in mind, giving each colorway special dumpling-inspired characteristics: the white Blaze of Glory LTWT utilizes a "shrimp camo" base covered by a translucent white layer, mimicking the appearance of har gao, while the Blaze of Glory OG utilizes a yellow suede and leather build, representing the wrapping of siu mai. Each pair comes with a custom dustbag and a pair of commemorative chop sticks.

"The Dim Sum Project" will release on May 8 through the Hypebeast online store, followed by an APAC regional release on May 10 and a wider global release on May 17.