words // Zack Schlemmer

In 1997 Reebok introduced the Answer I, Allen Iverson's second signature shoe and the first basketball shoe to utilize the new DMX cushioning technology.  It was tall order to follow up AI's first shoe, the Question, but Reebok did it successfully with the Answer, which is now considered one of his most iconic models.  Much to the delight of Iverson fans everywhere, Reebok Classics is set to bring the Answer back tomorrow, May 24th, in its original black and gold colorway.     

In these two classic commercials, Reebok introduces the DMX technology as AI talks about his crossover and spin move with Spencer (whoever that is) with the help of some high-tech (for 1997) computer graphics.  While his standard crossover is learnable, his spin move left many kids on the playground baffled.  Did you have any luck?